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Sungai Kolok a Cowboy Town

Just after the Bridge, Immigration couter is in the building on the right. You can just walk straight without entering the building.

Sungai Kolok ( สุไหงโก-ลก) used to be famous with tourists from neighbouring country, Malaysia. However since the rise of the seperatist groups in Southern Thailand where there were shootings, bombings etc few years ago, the town slowly turns to be a very quiet town.

On the way into the town from the border.

Normally on weekends, it might be very difficult to find a hotel room in this border town. However now, it is very easy and you might be given discount for weekends. The border security in Sungai Kolok is not that tight. The Sungai Kolok – Rantau Panjang Bridge connects Thailand and Malaysia.

Entering the town.

Vendors from both countries use the bridge a lot. However, the checkpoint in Malaysia is very strict. You need to pass the immigration counter so that your passport or border pass will be stamped. However, after walking across the bridge, you can just walk straight without ignoring the Thai Immigration counter which is situated on the right hand side.

Quite empty.

There are plenty of motorcycle taxis around that area. They charge around 20 Baht from the border into the town which is about 1km. Holding 2 nationalities is very comfortable for me to walk in and out between these two countries.

Very quiet even on the day time.

Sungai Kolok is like other Thai border towns. There are Thai, Thai Chinese and Thai Muslim all over. There are also army in almost every parts of the town. For me, without those bombings or shootings, Sungai Kolok is a very perfect town. Not so big or small. Just nice. In Sungai Kolok, the locals speak Yawi, one of the dialect in Malay Language. Thai is being use in the town as well. Some of the Chinese families in the town speak perfect Chinese language.


Main street in Sungai Kolok

On the Malaysian side. The immigration counter is in the building which everyone has to go through. It is a little strict than the Thai.


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Police obtain arrest warrants against 4 alleged insurgents in Sungai Kolok

Police have obtained arrest warrants against four men who were suspected of shooting at three foods shops here on Tuesday.

The four were identified as Muhamad Sakrisaising, Illyus Nima, Rosalan Kubaru and Muhamad Rowi.

Sungai Kolok district deputy police chief Pol Lt Col Manit Yaemsai said police believe the four were related to another group of insurgents who launched the car bomb attack shortly after the shootings against the three shops.                          

The Nation

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Bomb,shooting spree kills 2,wounds 50 in Sungai Kolok

4874322_300_0_noseskridSuspected separatists killed two people and injured 30 others in gun, explosive and car bomb attacks on three restaurants, followed by a car bomb against a hotel, at the border town of Sungai Kolok, police said yesterday.

Police said the militants on a motorbike hurled a grenade at a restaurant, wounding four, and began firing, killing a police officer and wounding four others.

They then turned their guns next door on two other restaurants, killing the owner, a 45-year-old Buddhist woman, and wounding another four people.

Moments later, a car bomb exploded in front of a Sungai Kolok hotel, wounding 20 people, police said.

Police immediately blamed a new generation of Malay Muslim insurgents for the attacks that occurred in spite of a high police presence in the area popular among Malaysian tourists.

Pol Lt. Col Mongkon Buachan said the bombs used were home-made, one to two kilograms in weight, with a PVC pipe as the canister.

The attacks caught everybody by surprise as the town is popular among Malaysian tourists who frequent its nightlife, and there was a heavy presence of security officials.

The two suspects were able to blend in wearing military fatigues similar to the province’s Defence Volunteers who normally function as security details for governors and district chiefs.

More than 3,900 people have been killed in the deep South where security forces are battling an insurgency that authorities accuse of trying to carve out a separate homeland for the ethnic Malay Muslims in the region.

The Nation

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