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Wat Huay Mongkol (วัดห้วยมงคล)

Wat Huay Mongkol is situated in Tambon Huay Mongkol, Hua Hin, Prachuab Khiri Khan Province. The temple is located about 15 km from Hua Hin town. All 10 of us (Ta Toy, Yai Noi, Yai Suan, Yai Nuch, P’Ning, P’Nat, Niw, Nik, Pee and me) went in Ta Toy’s truck. Noon didn’t join us as she needs to look after the small kids swimming at the beach.

The weather was very hot and I felt so exhausted. But luckily Ta Toy’s truck aircond was working pretty well. Wat Huay Mongkol is famous for Luang Por Thuad’s statue. Some says that the statue is the biggest statue of Luang Por Thuad in the world.

Luang Phor Thuad was the legendary Southern Thai monk, immensely popular with the Southern Thais and increasingly so elsewhere in the Kingdom for the miracles associated with him. The big statue was commissioned by Queen Sirikit of Thailand at Wat Huay Mongkol.

The huge Luang Phor Thuad statue is seated on a pedestal with four other smaller images in niches where the faithful can paste gold leaf on Luang Phor Thuad. There is a canteen where visitors can have their lunch for free. There is also a big donation box at the entrance for visitors to donate. However, it is up to them whether to donate or not.

After eating, we went over to wash the plates and spoons that we used. There’s a tip for saving. Just go to a temple with canteen. Donate 20 Baht and you can eat the buffet as much as you want. There is one temple in Ayuthaya which has a canteen like this as well. The food in Wat Huay Mongkol wasn’t bad at all.

There are two elephant statues with 3 heads located in front of Luang Por’s statue. Many visitors tried to place coins into the elephant’s mouth. I did after five or six times trying. It was quite difficult. For me, morning is the best time to visit as the weather might be cool and not as hot as in the afternoon. Other than that, there were too many tourists arriving by coaches from other provinces. The place was a little bit crowded the time we went.


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Train driver sacked

The State Railway of Thailand has dismissed the train driver and cut the salary of the train mechanic and caretaker by 15 per cent for 10 months after concluding they were responsible for the accident in Prachuab Khiri Khan on October 5.

SRT Deputy Governor Pakorn Tangjetsakao said the investigating committee had interrogated eight witnesses and concluded that the accident had been caused by human error because the signalling, rail and locomotive systems were functioning properly.

The driver, Rerngsak Phanthep, admitted that he had fallen asleep when the train was passing the red light at Wang Phong Station. He also testified that he had taken an antihistamine pill for his flu before he went on duty that day and that he didn’t hear the warning on the walkie-talkie due to low battery. It was discovered that Rerngsak suffers from high-blood pressure and was not under the influence of alcohol. It was also discovered that he had only had one day off, on September 14, from the beginning of September until the day of the accident.

The train’s mechanic, Bowarnrat Suatim, and caretaker Uthai Raksaket said they did not hear the warning either.

Meanwhile, Pakorn said the committee proposed that Rerngsak be fired and Bowornrat and Uthai get their salaries docked for failing to monitor signals and train carriages. The punishment will go into effect as soon as the disciplinary committee, which will be formed in the next few days, approves it. All three employees have been suspended with immediate effect.

30114308-01More than 80 members of the SRT labour union yesterday petitioned with Transport Minister Sophon Saram that he fire SRT Governor Yuthana Thapcharoen. Union leader Sawit Kaewwan said Yuthana had failed to do his job and that it was wrong of him to announce that the accident had been caused by human error before the investigation was launched. Sawit also noted that the condition of the equipment be studied and that authorities be fair to the employees.

The Nation

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Hua Hin Train Accident


Seven killed, 88 injured after 2nd train went by. A preliminary investigation has found a switching error was to blame for the derailment of a crowded passenger train in Hua Hin early yesterday morning.

Seven passengers were killed in the derailment and scores of others injured. All trains from the South to Bangkok had to be suspended. Total damage has been estimated at about Bt100 million.

Eight of the Bangkok-Trang train’s 16 carriages left the tracks about 100 metres from Khao Tao station in heavy rain at about 4.45am. Local officials and rescue workers removed the injured from the wrecked carriages and sent them to hospital.

All seven fatalities were female, including a two-year-old girl. Some 88 passengers, six of them foreigners, were injured. Of these, 22 were taken to Pran Buri, San Paolo, Thanarat Army Camp and Hua Hin hospitals.

Names of passengers on the train are available at www.huahinhospital.go.th or people can call 0 3252 3000 ext 8131, or 08 7110 1335.  The Hua Hin hospital identified five of the dead as: Orapin Jaijit, 42; Kanokluck Thabunrueng, 2; Naruemarn Nayasunthornkul, 50; Wimon Somjing, 43; and Kalayakorn Somjing, 41. Two other women who died were in their 30s and mid-40s. Darawan Butrying, a passenger who got 12 stitches for a head wound, said she was half asleep in the third carriage when she heard a series of banging noises and screams before she was thrown out of her seat. She and fellow passengers tried to find their way out. Many had to smash windows to reach rescue workers.

The State Railways of Thailand (SRT) president Yuthana Thap-charoen, who inspected the scene, said a special committee had been set up to probe the cause of the derailment and the result was expected within five days.

He said trains were frequently checked and maintained, but they would investigate if the crash was caused by human or mechanical error.

An informed source said while the ill-fated train approached the station, another train transporting goods from Hua Hin passed through. It was suspected the Bangkok-bound train went through a rail-switching signal that lead to the derailment.

As rescue trains from Bangkok and Nakhon Si Thammarat helped lift the damaged carriages, Yuthana said it would take at least a day to clear the scene to allow services to resume. Travellers with reserved train tickets could ask for refunds at the stations where they bought the tickets, and get other information on the 1690 hotline.

Deputy Public Health Minister Manit Nopamornbodhi, who visited the injured at Hua Hin hospital, said he had ordered doctors and blood supplies from Phetchaburi and Ratchaburi to be sent to the hospital. He said the ministry would take care of medical expenses for the injured.

PM Abhisit Vejjajiva also went to Hua Hin to visit injured passengers. Wirun Sakaekhum, president of the SRT Labour Union’s Hat Yai branch, said he had issued a statement jointly with the SRT Labour Union to offer condolences to victims.

The statement suggested a related factor was that train officials had been overworked, following a Cabinet resolution in July 1998 that cut nearly 100 SRT officials. It also referred to a lack of funding for train tool maintenance and called for the government and SRT executives, especially the SRT governor, to take responsibility.

Wirun said the accident reflected policy-level problems in SRT administration that needed to be fixed. He said the union wanted the government to solve these problems, especially the staff shortage and rail tools issue.

He said locomotives and carriages used on the southern route often needed attention up to three times a day, meaning officials had to remove and switch parts to keep services running.

The line between Thung Song and Hat Yai was also old and damaged, and train drivers had to slow down when passing through this section, especially during rain, he said.

The Nation

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