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Will be home again!!

I will be home in less than 1 month time. Managed to get a cheap return ticket 2 days before with Lufthansa. Air Asia, Malaysia Airlines and Thai Airways are expensive. Air Asia charges 734oBaht, Malaysia Airlines 7640Baht  both for return and Thai Airways 9500+ Baht for only one way. This german national carrier offers the cheapest among all which I only paid 470Baht for ticket price plus 4550Baht for taxes. Lufthansa doesn’t fly directly to Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is their extra destination. They only operate 2 or 3 flights a week between Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. Other than Malaysia, Lufthansa also do fly to Ho Chih Minh City from Bangkok.



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Skybridge – Petronas Twin Towers



Noon and I went to the Skybridge of Petronas Twin Towers on Noon’s birthday. We woke up as early as 5am to get ourselves ready to queue up for the free ticket. If I am not mistaken, there are only 1000+ tickets to be issued everyday. It is on first come first serve basis. We walked to the LRT (Light Rail Transit) Station and took the LRT to the station of KLCC, where the station is under the tower itself. We then walked towards Suria KLCC shopping mall which is also situated in between the towers. The ticket booth is located at the Concourse Level and is open at 8:30am.



I thought we might be the earliest creatures to be there. There were already quite a number of tourists in line. So we went to queue as early as 6:15am. At about 7:30am, the crowds were getting bigger and the line was getting longer. I didn’t really bother as we were in the front position. The Twin Towers is open from Tuesday to Sunday (9am to 5pm). Once the ticket booth opened slightly 5 minutes after 8:30am, one of the staffs called the first person in the line to collect the ticket. Only 10-15 people are allowed to go up to the bridge at once. Noon and I took the 9am ticket and were told to wait in the waiting area. At the waiting area, there are demonstration on how the towers were built. There are also comparison of towers around the globe and few science games.



The Skybridge is located on the 41st floor. The bridge is actually a 2 storey bridge and on the upper level (42nd flor) of the bridge is only open for the tenants of the towers. We were brought into a room where a staff explained all about the tower to us. After the demonstration, we took our passes and walked through the security checkpoint and then we straight to the lift. After all people in the group were all in the lift, a staff and a policeman came along with us and then explained more about the towers.



Tourists are allow to take photos on the bridge for only 10 minutes. It was amazing there we can see the Kuala Lumpur city view from that high. Everybody seems like enjoying their time on the bridge and the 10 minutes seems to be too short. Go as early as possible because you might not want to wait the whole day just for the ticket and ended up being told by the staff over there that the allotment is full. A visit to the Skybridge should not be missed if you are visiting Kuala Lumpur.





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Travelling by train back to Thailand

JungleTrain2Malaysian Locomotive

From Malaysia, travelling by train is more comfortable than express buses.  I used to travel by train back to Thailand few times. It took almost 13-14 hours depending on how long the train stops at each station. Normally, the Malaysian train (KTMB) operating from the main hub in Kuala Lumpur Sentral until their last station on the Malaysian side of Padang Besar. For travellers who travel to Hatyai, they might need to wait for the Thai locomotive to bring the coaches and continue until Hatyai. From Hatyai, travellers will need to change train if they continue their journey to Bangkok.

Image00003IMAGE024_2KTMB Coaches

IMG_1938Lower Sleeping Booth

Ticket can be purchased at the Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station. To Hatyai, it costs around 570++Baht for lower sleeping booth which has more space and is more comfortable. The price for the upper booth is just 50 or 60Baht cheaper. The sitting coach ticket is cheaper.

DSCN3240Padang Besar Station(including Malaysian Immigration and Thai Immigration as well)

At the Padang Besar Station, all passengers need to get down with their luggages as KTMB will only let the Thai locomotive which is operate by (SRT) to bring 1 sitting coach and 1 sleeping coach. Malaysian border police will get on the train to make sure that all passengers get down. For those who will continue their journey to Hatyai, they need to go through the Malaysian Immigration checkpoint and then walk to the other side for the Thai Immigration Checkpoint. Both located in the same building. The border towns too share the same name. Padang Besar.

DSC02278Hatyai Junction

While waiting for the train to come back, I normally go to the toilet to brush my teeth and wash my face. After about 30 minutes, all passengers are allow to get back on the train. This time, Thai railway police will be joining from Padang Besar to Hatyai. There are some touts who will go along and ask travellers with backpack if they need a taxi or van to Krabi or Phuket. Each time I travel by train, I will come across the same Muslim lady which I assume to be a Thai who works for KTMB as a cleaner on the train. She has a side job which is an illegal money changer. She gives better rate than license money changer.

959484-tuk-tuk-0Tuk Tuk in Hatyai

Once the train reaches Hatyai Junction, there are more touts coming over and ask if you need a tuk tuk truck. They are cheap and just bargain with them if they offer you more than 100Baht to your destination as the price should not be more than that. The train station is in the city itself and just few blocks away from Lee Garden which is the city center. I sometimes walk there. I only take the tuk tuk truck if I am going to the bus terminal as it is quite far by foot.


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The All American Rejects was in Kuala Lumpur!!


On October 31st, I made a very last minute decision to go to The All American Rejects (AAR) concert. It was held beside Bukit Jalil Stadium. My friend, Raffi has 4 free tickets from our manager. He gave 1 each to Khalid and Mr Zul. So I rang him up at 4pm to ask if the ticket is still available. He said he will pass it to me when we meet at the concert ground.


So I arrived at the concert ground at 5:30pm and waited for them. They arrived at 6pm sharp and we knew that the concert wouldn’t start on time as the band was having a press conference at the hotel we work and also meeting fans session at the Pavillion. There were huge crowd and we waited until about 7pm.


We finally managed to get in and the local bands such as Pop Shuvit, Disagree and One Buck Shot made the opening for the concert. I was there just to see AAR as I like few of their popular songs. At about 9:40pm, finally AAR took over the stage. Some was shouting the band members’ name and jumping. I was still cool. The rain started to pour but it doesn’t stop us all. Well, I got to rush to work and I left the concert after they presented 7 songs. 

Noon likes their hit song, I WANNA. I called Noon and on the loud speaker when they played that song. Well, I know that AAR is in house. At around 11:30pm, they came arrived at the hotel where they stayed and Mike the guitarist walked towards me. I was wondering what he wants. He asked if I could ask the housekeeping to send him a shaving kit. I did not bring any camera or mobile phone at the moment so I just managed to ask for Mike’s autograph.


Tyson went out for some drinks with the Pop Shuvit’s members and he came back at around 4am. Tyson then came down again at 5:30am with few of his crews to have an early breakfast. He walked to me and asked if I can make him an additional key as he left his key card in the room. Right after I made him the additional key, I asked for his autograph. He was so cool and asked for my name before he gave me his autograph.


I did not manage to take photo with any of the members but Khalid did took a photo with Tyson right before he left the hotel the next day. Mr Zul did took the photo of the band while they were having press conference in one of the hotel’s conference room.



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‘Let South have autonomy’

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak said yesterday that Thailand should offer a certain degree of autonomy to people in the predominantly Muslim region to allow them to be good Muslims in the predominantly Buddhist kingdom.

Najib, who is to tour the restive South with Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva in December, said he would tell them that Kuala Lumpur would not support extremists who violate Thai laws.

“Look, you know you just have to be good Thai citizens. Don’t expect Malaysia to back any violation of Thai law. You are on your own and if they [law breakers] come over, we will send you back,” the Malaysian Prime Minister said.

Abhisit invited Najib to tour the deep South after the Thailand-Malaysia’s annual consultative meeting and he said he would love to see people living in the region.

Najib said some form of autonomy could be a solution to end the violence, which has claimed more than 3,800 live since the beginning of 2004.

“You may not want to call it autonomy but there could at least be some form of involvement,” he said. The government could offer self-determination for people in areas that are important to them such as the selection of local leaders, employment, religion and education, he said.

“It is Thailand’s decision to consider how far such autonomy in the deep South should go, and Malaysia, as a neighbour, would not intervene in the matter, he said.

“Our part is to be supportive. We will not negotiate on your behalf. We will do what a good neighbour should do,” he said. Independence from Thailand championed by any organisation is unrealistic for Muslims in the South, he said.

“They have to be loyal to Thailand, the King and the Constitution, but at the same time they should be good Muslims and should be allowed to act as good Muslims,” he said.

However, the major issue affecting bilateral relations between the two countries and the situation in the Malay-speaking South is the question of dual citizenship by people who exploit legal loopholes to criss-cross the border, he said.

Malaysia wanted to resolve the problem with Thailand and tell some 20,000-25,000 people who hold dual nationality to choose either Thai or Malaysian citizenship, he said.

Some times extremists exploit their dual nationality to seek safe haven in Malaysia’s northern states but Najib said he had no solid evidence to prove whether the opposition party, based in the north has harboured them.

Malaysian authorities would arrest and send them back to Thailand if it was learned that any of them had fled from prosecution to Malaysia, he said.

Najib gave an example of 130 people from Narathiwat who were sent back three years ago after fleeing from persecution at home to the northern states of Kelantan and Terengganu to show co-operation from Malaysia. Some of them were accused of involvement in the violence before fleeing.

The Malaysian Prime Minister said he saw no outside elements in causing the violence in the deep South but suggested that if the situation were prolonged, it would open up opportunities for outsiders to become involved.

The Nation

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Four Asean leaders to miss opening

Four Asean leaders would miss the opening ceremony of the 15th Asean Summit in Cha Am/Hua Hin scheduled on Friday because they are busy with internal matters.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo will be absent.

The opening ceremony would be held at 9.45am on Friday.









Hun Sen would arrive in Hua Hin on Friday at 4pm. as he would be busy with the official visit of South Korean president Lee Myung-bak. The president was former economic adviser of Hun Sen.

Asean chief Surin Pitsuwan confirmed that Hun Sen’s absence from the opening ceremony was because his busy schedule with the South Korean President.

Hun Sen would then rush to the summit after the visit, Surin said.

Hun Sen would definitely attend the summit and his delay has nothing to do with the border conflict with Thailand, he said.













Indonesia’s President Yudhoyono has to attend the inauguration for the second term of his presidency and would arrive in Thailand 8.30pm Friday.











Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib would attend parliament debate on budget before departing for the summit and would arrive in Thailand around the same time as Filipino President Arroyo at about 9pm.


It is very rare for the Asean to have a number of leaders absentia at the opening ceremony.

The Nation

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