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Samila Beach (แหลมสมิหลา)



Samila Beach is famous among people in deep south of Thailand, mainly from province of Narathiwat, Yala, Pattani and Songkhla itself. Samila Beach is located in Muang District of Songkhla Province. Located in the City Municipality, Samila Beach is renowned for its powdery sandy beach, shady pine groves and the statue of a mermaid which is Songkhla’s most famous landmark.



I visited Samila Beach when Noon and I went back for Songkran by train. Our train arrives about 10am in the morning and our bus will depart from Hatyai at about 6pm in the evening. We then rented a guesthouse in Niphat Uthit 2 Road for 150Baht just to put our luggage and shower. We then planned to go to Samila Beach which is 40km from Hatyai.



We took a minivan from Hatyai to Songkhla for 20Baht per person. The minivan was cramped with people who went to Songkhla as well. It took us less then 1 hour to reach Songkhla and we told the driver to stop us at Samila Beach. The Beach was not too crowded the time we went. There were few tour groups including a school trip from Narathiwat. Noon and I bought some food from one of the stalls and they gave us a mat so that we can eat on the beach.



We then took some photos with the Golden Mermaid Statue. Rain started to pour, we quickly stopped a tuk tuk truck and asked the driver to bring us to the minivan station which is quite near. From there, we took a minivan back to Hatyai. And on the journey back to Hatyai, I just remembered that we did not have a look at the Cat and Rat Statue which is also on the beach.



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The All American Rejects was in Kuala Lumpur!!


On October 31st, I made a very last minute decision to go to The All American Rejects (AAR) concert. It was held beside Bukit Jalil Stadium. My friend, Raffi has 4 free tickets from our manager. He gave 1 each to Khalid and Mr Zul. So I rang him up at 4pm to ask if the ticket is still available. He said he will pass it to me when we meet at the concert ground.


So I arrived at the concert ground at 5:30pm and waited for them. They arrived at 6pm sharp and we knew that the concert wouldn’t start on time as the band was having a press conference at the hotel we work and also meeting fans session at the Pavillion. There were huge crowd and we waited until about 7pm.


We finally managed to get in and the local bands such as Pop Shuvit, Disagree and One Buck Shot made the opening for the concert. I was there just to see AAR as I like few of their popular songs. At about 9:40pm, finally AAR took over the stage. Some was shouting the band members’ name and jumping. I was still cool. The rain started to pour but it doesn’t stop us all. Well, I got to rush to work and I left the concert after they presented 7 songs. 

Noon likes their hit song, I WANNA. I called Noon and on the loud speaker when they played that song. Well, I know that AAR is in house. At around 11:30pm, they came arrived at the hotel where they stayed and Mike the guitarist walked towards me. I was wondering what he wants. He asked if I could ask the housekeeping to send him a shaving kit. I did not bring any camera or mobile phone at the moment so I just managed to ask for Mike’s autograph.


Tyson went out for some drinks with the Pop Shuvit’s members and he came back at around 4am. Tyson then came down again at 5:30am with few of his crews to have an early breakfast. He walked to me and asked if I can make him an additional key as he left his key card in the room. Right after I made him the additional key, I asked for his autograph. He was so cool and asked for my name before he gave me his autograph.


I did not manage to take photo with any of the members but Khalid did took a photo with Tyson right before he left the hotel the next day. Mr Zul did took the photo of the band while they were having press conference in one of the hotel’s conference room.



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Why we love our King…

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