Yee Peng Lantern (โคมยี่เป็ง)

Yee Peng is famous in Northern Provinces where they release the lanterns to worship the gods. Well, when I was in Hua Hin, we bought two Yee Peng lanterns. The wind was strong and it was quite hard to set the fire. After few attempt, we finally manage to release both lanterns into the sky. They went all the way up and then further and missing from our eye sights…


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2 responses to “Yee Peng Lantern (โคมยี่เป็ง)

  1. Nye

    I bet it’s real pretty, did you make a wish? I know they do this during Loy Krathong, it’s real pretty when many release at the same time, but it can be dangerous also, I can’t imagine if it landed on someone’s house.

    • Yes, everybody made wishes and then we released those lanterns. One of the lanterns landed on Sheraton… I am not sure if it landed on the hotel guest or not.

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