Malaysia to repatriate illegal Thai workers

About 500 illegal Thai immigrants in Malaysia, mostly trafficked women, will return home on Tuesday in a first wave of repatriation of illegal Thai workers.

Deputy Interior Minister Thavorn Senniam said yesterday he had instructed the Songkhla governor to facilitate the repatriation of the workers. Some of these Thai citizens entered Malaysia without work permits, others were victims of human trafficking rings and sold into prostitution. Some of these Thai citizens have been held captive by human trafficking rings.

In terms of income, human trafficking ranked at No 3 behind illegal arms sales and drugs at the global level.The minister said these Thai workers and victims had suffered immensely and that anyone who has any leads about human traffickers can call hotline No 1880 to report at anytime.He said the government wants to solve the problem in cooperation with Malaysia and added that Malaysia is one of the destination for illegal migrant workers and trafficked women from Thailand and other countries in the region.Thavorn added that the Interior Ministry will work closely with the local administrative bodies and the Thai Foreign Ministry to find a lasting solution to the problem. 

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2 responses to “Malaysia to repatriate illegal Thai workers

  1. Nye

    It’s strict everywhere now, even here in the US. It used to be that when you get your driver license renew, you would get it that same day, but now you’ve to wait for 30 days so that they can check on your legal status, after everything is clear then they’d mail it to you.

    • Even I saw many like that when I was working overnight shift. Many Thais, Indonesian, Chinese etc. I think they are part of it. If I were to call the police, the hotel will be famous.

      In Khaosan Road, there’s about 700baht to make a NYC driver’s license.

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