Kao Rop Tong Chart (เคารพธงชาติ)

Kao rop tong chat (เคารพธงชาติ) means something like respecting the national flag. There’s a programme that been organized by the Thai Government which is called ไทยสามัคคี ไทยเข้มแข็ง (United Thais Strong Thailand). The programme is to encourage people to unite and be patriotism. Each province will host their own event of singing the national anthem. Starting with Krabi, they will take turn in Thai alphabetical order to other provinces. This goes on everyday. People will gathered at the organized location before 6:00pm to sing both the national and king anthem together. I wanted to join but too bad that I have work to do in Malaysia. They had it in Udon on the 30th November.

The video I attached is the national anthem singing event held in Yala province.



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2 responses to “Kao Rop Tong Chart (เคารพธงชาติ)

  1. Nye

    I read in Koosang Koosom that a Thai lady wrote to complain, I think it was at a train station, and right before the song came on, she and others were waiting to sing the song to salute the flag and one of the workers there turned it off and turned it back on when the song was over. I’m sure that worker got in trouble, the station was contacted by the magazine.

    • 555!! Will be in trouble for sure!!! Even some of the government officers stop their cars by the road side and stand for the national anthem. But some don’t reallt care.

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