Happy Birthday (แฮปปี้เบิร์ธเดย์)

Happy Birthday is not a new movie.  The movie was shown in Thailand for the first time in December 2008. I did not manage to go to the cinema or buy the DVD. Well, finally I managed to watch it in You Tube. This time, Ananda Everingham (one of my favourite actor) is playing again with Aem Chayanan Manomaisantiphap. They are in Me.. Myself where Ananda plays a lady boy who lost his memory. This movie is a combination of comedy, romantic and sad. In the begining, the movie seems to be cheerful and moves on to romantic. In the middle, it dramatically becomes very sad. For me, the ending is fair. Thumbs up for Ananda and Aem!!!



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday (แฮปปี้เบิร์ธเดย์)

  1. Nye

    Ananda Everingham is one of my favorite actors also, I’ll watch it in youtube later, sounds like a good movie.

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