Things from the places I visited (Part 1)

I love to buy local things which represent the place whenever I travel. In Laos for example, a Beer Lao T-Shirt is a must. Collect souvenirs will make me remember back the places I had been. Some of my souvenirs were given to me by my friends who travel. I got a p*ssy purse keychain from my sick Japanese colleague. He bought it when we went back to Japan for a holiday. Well, here are some of my collections.

Handkerchief from Ban Chiang

Beer Lao T-shirt from the Friendly Bridge

Sabai Dee T-shirt from Vientiane

Kelantan FA Football kit from Bukit Jalil

Arai Arai Kor Kuu T-shirt from Saphan Phut

Thai Airways keychain from Japan

Unique handkerchief from Japan

Sexy purse keychain from Japan

Plate from Ayuthaya

Lao Khao (white wiski) T-shirt from Nongkhai

Pirated DVDs from the Friendship Bridge

Beer Singha boxer from Bo Bae



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4 responses to “Things from the places I visited (Part 1)

  1. Nye

    I like to buy stuff back also, I bought several Hmong bags back to give as gifts to my sisters and kept several bags myself when I went to Laos.

    But some of your stuffs are very funky. :0)

  2. hahahahahh funny post eerenoon.. I like to collect stuffs from all over too.. One of my big collection is Coca Cola”Coke” products, I have bottles from all over the world.

    You gave an idea about something I can blog about.. hahahah Thanks!!!

    • That’s cool to collect Coke’s bottle. They have different sizes too right? I am a huge fan of Vanilla Coke. Addicted to it now.

      You are welcome. Looking foward for your blog!! 555!!

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