Cambodian govt recalls its ambassador

The Cambodian government on Thursday evening announced to temporarily call back its Ambassador to Thailand, a move came shortly after Thai government’s recall of its ambassador to Cambodia.

The decision was announced at 8:30 pm local time by Sok An, minister of council of ministers, at a hastily arranged press conference.”The move we took is a response to Thai’s recall of its Ambassador to Cambodia,” Sok An said.”That we appointed Thaksin as our government’s adviser is Cambodia’s internal affairs and conforms to international practice.

“Earlier Thursday, the Thai government decided to recall its Ambassador to Cambodia to protest against the appointment of the ousted former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra as adviser of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and the government.

The decision came one day after Cambodian government announced appointment of Thaksin as adviser of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and his government. The appointment was signed by by Cambodia’s King Norodom Sihamoni. Moreover, the Cambodian government repeated its refusal to extradite Thaksin if requested.

The Thai government said that it is ready to demand of revising bilateral agreements, which have been agreed by the two countries.

The Thai government’s movement is based on diplomatic principle, which does not intend to any violence to occur between the two neighboring countries, Thai Foreign Ministry said.

 The Nation



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  1. Nye

    This would be interesting to follow.

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