Getting tough on elephant abuse

Deputy Bangkok Governor Theerachon Manomaipiboon Wednesday handed out a Bt2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of men apprehended with an elephant in Lat Phrao and said that from November 6 the city would be getting tough on such animal abuse.

Three Buri Ram men apprehended on Tuesday night allegedly begging with a six-year-old elephant at Soi Lat Phrao-Wang Hin 5 will face charges, while their two elephants will be transported to Kanchanaburi’s Elephant Shelter.

Theerachon said anyone ringing the 1555 hotline with information leading to the arrest of beggars with elephants would be rewarded with Bt2,000.

The Nation



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2 responses to “Getting tough on elephant abuse

  1. Nye

    Kind of sad to read about this. The elephants were once the warrior of the country and part of Thai history, and now begging with its owner. I’m sure the number of elephants are diminishing also.

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