Nai Lert Shrine (นายเลิศ)


Nai Lert Shrine is to honour the female deity Jao Mae Thapthim (เจ้าแม่ทับทิม). This canalside shrine is decorated with phallic sculptures of every size and shape. The shrine is donated by worshippers hoping to become fertile. These red tipped anatomically approximate Shiva lingam style animist totems are planted in the style of a picket fence or else offered on altars with clusters of gargantuan shafts swatched in sacred ribbons.



This shrine is not as famous as Erawan Shrine. It might be a little hard to look for the shrine as it is deep in the soi. To get to the shrine, take BTS and get down at Chidlom BTS Station. Walk towards Central Department Store and turn left into Soi Somkhit. Walk straight and enter the Hilton Hotel’s service entrance. The shrine is located right beside the hotel.




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3 responses to “Nai Lert Shrine (นายเลิศ)

  1. Nye

    I’ve never heard of this before, I think I’d be too embarrassed to visit, Lol. Do they get a lot of visitor?

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