Malaysian killed in border town

A 49-year-old Malaysian believed to be involved in illegal money-lending activities was gunned down hitman-style in Danok, southern Thailand.

A Thai police spokesman said the man from Alor Setar was walking along Soi (Lorong) Karnchanaruji 1 at about 2.45am (3.45am Malaysian time) yesterday when two men on a motorcycle rode up to him from behind.

“According to witnesses, the pillion rider then opened fire thrice before speeding off. He died on the spot after the shots hit him on the back, right hand and right shoulder.

“Robbery has been ruled out as the motive as his gold chain and bag containing RM60 and a handphone were left untouched,” he said when contacted yesterday.

The spokesman said that a book containing the names of debtors was also found in his bag leading them to believe that he could be involved in illegal money-lending activities.

“Our investigations showed that the man had been making frequent trips to Thailand for the past 10 years. He also had prior criminal records for drug-related activities.

“We are now trying to determine the motive of the murder and among the angles being looked into are business rivalry and revenge,” he said, adding that the body had been sent to the Padang Besar Hospital for a post-mortem.

The Star


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