Long Live The King


Emotions and “Long Live the King” overwhelm Siriraj Hospital as HM the King makes first public appearance in weeks. HM the King has made his first public appearance since getting admitted at the Siriraj Hospital over a month ago, coming down to the hospital’s ground floor to pay homage to his late mother and King Rama V on the occassion of the Piya Maharaja Day.

 It was an emotional scene as many well-wishers wept as His Majesty made his appearance on his electronic wheelchair to place garlands for the portraits of his late mother and King Rama V. A lot of well-wishers were at the hospital today as it is a public holiday.

Tears rolled down their faces as emotional “Long Live the King” were uttered and echoed on the hospital’s ground floor. The monarch looked alert and considerably in satisfactory condition. The appearance followed a tough week for the Thai people as rumours about his health caused panic selling or even speculative selling in the stock market.

The government has urged the public to follow the official announcements which report that the King’s conditions have been improving. An inquiry has been made into the sources of the rumours.

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2 responses to “Long Live The King

  1. Nye

    I’m glad to hear that HM the King is doing better.

    • He is very old now. We seen him since young where he visited, developed and helped the poor from the south to the north, from the central to the iisan. Song Pra Jaroen!!! ทรงพระเจริญ !!!

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