Authority sabotage investigation of mosque massacre: Pulo

A long standing Malay Muslim separatist group on Sunday blasted the government for dragging its feet in carrying out a thorough investigation into the massacre of 11 villagers who were praying at a mosque in Narathiwat’s Ai Bayae on June 8.

The Patani United Liberation Organisation (Pulo), in a statement to the press, said the investigation into the massacre that also injured 12 others inside the mosque was sabotage by certain unnamed authorities because the culprits, one of whom an arrested has been issued, was part of a government-trained village militia.

The arrest warrant for Narathiwat resident Suthirak Khongsuwan was issued about two months after the incident but no progress has been made since then. Suthirak, a former ranger who later joined the Township Defense Volunteer (Or-Ror-Bor), remained at large.

The weapon used against the villagers were reportedly used in last year’s November 17, 2008 drive-by shooting of a local cafe in Rangae district of the same province.

Pulo said the current administration of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva started off with some positive message but failed to deliver the promised justice to the local Malay Muslims who the group often described as “colonial subjects” of the Thai state.

The Nation


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