Suvarnabhumi Airport Security Checkpoint


Normally security checkpoints at the Suvarnabhumi Airport will be located before you get into the boarding gate. Well, on the 16th Oct 2009, as usual after check in, I straight away get my passport stamped and went into the duty free area. I was shocked as I saw the security checkpoint after the immigration. Many other travellers were stranded too because normally we can bring our water bottles into the area until before we enter the gate. With no choice, I threw 1 can of Coke, 1 bottle of mineral water and 1 box of soya milk. I asked one of the security personnel when did they moved and she told me that they just moved from their old place. Well, I can see a lot of water bottles in the bin since many travellers do not know about this. I am one of them. Well, finish off your drinks first before you get your passport stamped and buy a drink at the Burger King or Starbucks.


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