Free Internet at the Suvarnabhumi Airport


Now you are free to go in and out your boarding gate since the security chcekpoint had already moved. CAT Telecom had provided booths in the boarding area. Two at each gate. Go to any of the gate and look for the one where the door is open. I went over to gate E1a just to inspect. There were only the airport workers around and I saw these orange booths. These were provided for passengers while waiting for their flights. It is free and you can use 15 minutes at one time. After 15 minutes are up, you might need to reconnect it again to get another 15 minutes. I reconnected for 3 or 4 times and the last time, the time had already reached its limit but the internet was still running without disconnected. Maybe you can try. My boarding gate was D5 and before I enter D5, I saw the door for D8 was open and there were few passengers and workers sleeping on the chairs and nobody at both booths. So I took the chance to enter and use the internet. So do not worry if you check in early and got nothing to do.


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