Boxer dies after title fight defeat

Boxing star Sagai JockeyGym died of a brain haemorrhage on Monday night in Japan after a TKO defeat to reigning champion, Japanese Niki Kasueyoshi in a super bantamweight bout challenging Niki’s title.

After a TKO decision in Round 10, Sagai, or 20-year-old Somboon Wiengchai, left the Fukuoka ring in a dazed condition, before he fainted in a dressing room. He was unconscious on arrival at a local hospital. Doctors gave him CPR after his heart stopped, but he was pronounced dead.

Sommart Hongsakul, Sagai’s trainer said Sagai was fit and had trained sufficiently. He passed a physical examination and was rated as highly healthy before the bout.

“The injuries were caused by Sagai’s more than 100-per-cent fighter’s spirit, in addition to suffering heavy blows from his opponent,” he said. The Japanese’s boxing promotion team pledged Bt500,000 for Sagai’s family and all expenses in sending his body  back to Thailand.

Sagai’s mother, Pui, said she last spoke with him when he was at the airport before flying off to Japan. “I don’t know what to do, I feel so tired like I am going to be shocked. I pity him and I miss him very much. But my friends are consoling me, saying that I should be proud that my son died doing what he loved most,” she said.

Sagai’s father, Kling, said Sagai supported him in building a new home in Udon Thani’s Prajak Silapakhom district. He said Sagai had been a fighter since he was a child. His previous ring name was Singdam (black lion) Kiat Moo Kao (honour of Moo 9 Ville), because he was a dark boy and the name of Kiat Moo Kao was after his village, where he was born and raised.

Wiwat Sirion, Sagai’s first trainer, said he brought Sagai to boxing when he was 13, studying in Grade 7. and that he was a well-behaved boy. “I am sad over his death, and never thought of him dying from boxing,” he said.

The Nation


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