Luang Phor

Today Noon went back to Thailand. Before sending her back, I did helped her to pack and remind her of her important belongings such as passport, air ticket etc. Well, after came back from the airport, I saw Noon’s Luang Phor on my table. Luang Phor is given to Noon by her father. It is a very important amulet for her and she kept it since she was small. According to Noon, Luang Phor protects her whenever she is in danger or difficult situation. I believe that both mine and Noon’s Luang Phor are the same which is known as Luang Phor Nak.

 Luang Phor

Luang Phor Nak lived during the reign of HM King Rama 6. Some sources said that he originated from Wat Wang Pong in Prachuab Khiri Khan Province. His statue can still be seen at Wat Hua Hin. He was known to be a good and highly revered monk. Indeed he was also well respected that the King personally asked him to create a batch of amulets.

Afterall, I wil be joining Noon in two weeks time. I hope she will be fine without her Luang Phor.



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2 responses to “Luang Phor

  1. Thailand’s 81-year-old King Bumibol Adulyadej, who has been hospitalized since September 19, continues to receive treatment for a ”lung inflammation” and is undergoing physical therapy, the royal palace says.

    Thailand’s stock market continued a decline on Thursday after rumors circulated earlier this week that the king’s condition was worse than reported.

    Bhumibol was hospitalized on September 19 for fever, fatigue and lack of appetite. A statement from the royal palace late on Wednesday said the king’s doctors asked him to stay in the hospital ”for dietary supplements and physical therapies.” The statement said his ”general condition is good. However, lung inflammation which has reduced will require some time to fully recover, as is the case for the elderly.”

    Lung inflammation can be a symptom of pneumonia, but the palace has not called it that.

    Although the palace has issued almost daily statements on the king’s condition, they have not been very detailed, and no photos of him during his hospital stay have been released. He has rarely made public appearances in the past few years.

    The Stock Exchange of Thailand index fell 2 percent on Wednesday to close at 731.47, its largest decline in nearly two months. By midday Thursday, the index had tumbled 4.7 percent to 697.13 on heavy foreign selling.

    The disappearance from the public eye of the revered king has caused great concern in Thailand and the region where he is seen as a stabilizing figure.

    Bhumibol is a constitutional king with no formal political role, but he has repeatedly brought calm in times of turbulence and is widely revered as the country’s moral authority and a unifying figure.

    The heir apparent, his son, Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn, does not yet have the stature of his father.

    Thousands of well-wishers have crowded daily outside Bangkok’s Siriraj Hospital and events have been organized around the country in honor of the king.

  2. What’s the time?

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